Webinar: Discover HDP 2.1

Interactive SQL Query in Hadoop with Apache Hive

Join Us On Thursday, May 15, 10am PDT

In February 2013, the open source community launched the Stinger Initiative to improve speed, scale and SQL semantics in Apache Hive. After thirteen months of continuous community collaboration (and more than 390,000 new lines of Java code) Stinger is complete with Hive 0.13.

In this 30-minute webinar, Carter Shanklin, Hortonworks director of product management, and Owen O’Malley, Hortonworks co-founder and committer to Apache Hive, will discuss how Hive enables interactive query over petabytes of data using familiar SQL semantics.

Carter and Owen will present an overview of Hive 0.13, followed by a brief demo, with time for Q & A.