A Modern Data Architecture for Customer Analytics

Join Us On Tuesday, September 9, 10am PDT

Consumers have never generated so much data on how they research, discuss and buy products. This new data is valuable for shaping and promoting a brand or product, but it doesn't line up neatly to fit in pre-defined, tabular formats.

Attend this interactive webinar to learn how when an organizations combine HP and Vertica Analytics Platform and Hortonworks, they can quickly explore and analyze broad variety of data types to transform to actionable information that allows them to better understand how their customers and site visitors interact with their business, offline and online. During this webinar, our experts will walk you through use cases and best practices on the joint solutions and how you can get started.



John Kreisa, VP Strategic Marketing, Hortonworks

Chris Selland, VP of Marketing & Business Development, HP Vertica

...with HP Vertica and Hortonworks