Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop Roadshow

Transform your business with Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop, before your competitors do


February 4

Big Data is both a threat and an opportunity. Today’s enterprise faces increasing pressure to both generate winning business outcomes and reduce their IT costs.

If you are considering Hadoop to help your organization turn data into business value, come spend the day with us in a city near you and start your journey to Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop.

Every journey begins with a single step, and our roadshow is a fun and informative way to start that step.

  • Hortonworks executives will share their vision for the future of Open Enterprise Apache Hadoop
  • Ecosystem partners will explain how their technologies will enrich the overall value of your data center
  • Hortonworks customers will reveal how they transformed their businesses with Hadoop
  • Apache project committers will discuss technology roadmaps

Register below to hear directly from practitioners who are using Hadoop to transform their business.


  • San Francisco
    September 10
  • Seattle
    September 17
  • Sydney
    September 23
  • Singapore
    September 29
  • Dallas
    October 6
  • Austin
    October 8
  • Tokyo
    October 14
  • London
    November 3
  • Paris
    November 5
  • Munich
    November 10
  • Amsterdam
    November 12
  • Toronto
    November 18
  • Chicago
    December 1
  • Atlanta
    December 3
  • New York
    January 26
  • Boston
    January 28
  • Virginia
    February 2
  • Charlotte
    February 4

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