The Modern Data Architecture for Smart Manufacturing Operations                                                       

Join Us On Wednesday, August 6, 10am PDT

Whether you're building new facilities or refurbishing an existing plant, the equipment you use today is fitted with sensors that generate reams of data on every aspect of its operation.

Few businesses take full advantage of that information, but those that do have a big advantage. They're able to optimize production to the highest degree: minimizing maintenance expenses and downtime while reducing energy usage, environmental impact, and increase in production quality and yield. 

Join Hortonworks and CSC, in this interactive webinar to:

  • Understand the trends and drivers for Hadoop and Big Data for Manufacturing.
  • Leverage Apache Hadoop for ingesting, storing, and discovery analytics to identify patterns that have actionable value to the business.
  • Explore use cases and best practices that can guide you through your Big Data strategy.
  • See a demonstration how customers can leverage CSC expertise, along with SAP HANA and Hortonworks Data Platform, to reduce unscheduled downtime, improve operating margin and their overall return on assets.


Carlos P. Guimaraes , Principal Manufacturing Big Data & Business Analytics, CSC

Russell Records, Principal, Big Data & Analytics, CSC

John Kreisa, VP of Strategic Marketing, Hortonworks

...with CSC and Apache Hadoop