Webinar: Data Lake for the Cloud 

Join Us On Tuesday, June 24, 10am PDT

As more applications are created using Apache Hadoop that derive value from the new types of data from sensors/machines, server logs, click-streams, and other sources, the enterprise "Data Lake" forms with Hadoop acting as a shared service.  While these Data Lakes are important, a broader life-cycle needs to be considered that spans development, test, production, and archival and that is deployed across a hybrid cloud architecture. 

If you have already deployed Hadoop on-premise, this session will also provide an overview of the key scenarios and benefits of joining your on-premise Hadoop implementation with the cloud, by doing backup/archive, dev/test or bursting. Learn how you can get the benefits of an on-premise Hadoop that can seamlessly scale with the power of the cloud.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Trends and drivers for data lake
  • The benefits of data lake for the cloud
  • How it is used
  • How you tie it together

...extending your Hadoop implementation

Matt Winkler, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


Bob Page, VP of Partners Product Mgmt, Hortonworks


John O'Brien, Principal Analysts and CEO, Radiant Advisor