Apache Hadoop in the Open Cloud

Date: November 5, 2013 @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

Among the advantages of cloud computing are faster access to compute and storage resources and utility pricing. With the added power of Apache Hadoop, businesses can now easily provision and manage Hadoop-ready infrastructure to analyze vast amounts of data and develop new business applications in the open cloud. While these are great benefits there are also key considerations organizations to be mindful of when approaching a Hadoop™ environment in the cloud.

Join Hortonworks and Rackspace, in this interactive webinar, to:

  • Discuss some of key drivers and use cases for when a virtual Hadoop™ makes sense.
  • Walk through an overview of reference architecture for Apache Hadoop-ready infrastructure.
  • Get a behind the scene look at the product design of Rackspace Cloud Big Data. Built on the Openstack™ framework; Rackspace Cloud Big Data is an enterprise grade Hortonworks distribution that can be provisioned in minutes and offers a full toolset and feature selection common in the HDP distribution.

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