Webinar: Using R & Apache Hadoop                                                              

Join Us On Tuesday, June 10, 10am PDT

Join Revolution Analytics and Hortonworks in this interactive webinar to discuss how customers are using Hadoop and R in the real world. We’ll show an end-to-end customer churn analytics demonstration (leveraging Revolution Analytics, Hortonworks and Tableau) serving three user personas:  a website visitor, a data scientist and a business analyst. 

In less than an hour, we’ll:

  • Walk you through how Hadoop being used today
  • Discuss real-world customer use cases for data mining and statistical/ predictive analytics in Hadoop
  • Show a live churn analytics demonstration with Revolution Analytics and Hortonworks Data Platform

Join the discussion today!

...for Customer Analytics


John Kreisa, VP, Strategic Marketing, Hortonworks

Bill Jacobs, Director, Product Marketing & Management, Revolution Analytics

Michael Helbraun, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, Revolution Analytics