Introduction to Hortonworks Data Platform  

Date: Every Thursday

Time: 10 am PST/ 1pm EST 

Hortonworks Data Platform is the first 100% open source data management software to package the essential Apache Hadoop projects into a comprehensive and integrated platform. Join us in this 30-minute webinar to gain a better understanding of the essential Apache Hadoop projects (Pig, Hive, Oozie, HBase), as well as other essential components, such as monitoring management and data integration.

Join us for this webinar as we outline, discuss and demo the key features of the Hortonworks Data Platform, including:
  • Rapid Installation: Thanks to a wizard that makes it easy to install and provision Hadoop across clusters of machines.
  • Data Integration Services: Including Talend Open Studio for Big Data, a visual development environment that allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources without writing code. 
  • Management and Monitoring Services: Including Hortonworks Management Center, which is an open source extensible tool that provides intuitive web-based dashboards for monitoring your clusters and creating alerts.
  • Centralized Metadata Services: Including HCatalog, which greatly simplifies data sharing between Hadoop and other enterprise data systems.
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