Modern Data Architecture for a Data Lake with Informatica and Hortonworks Data Platform

Date: September 11, 2013 @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

How do you turn data from many different sources into actionable insights and manufacture those insights into innovative information-based products and services?

Industry leaders are accomplishing this by adding Hadoop as a critical component in their modern data architecture to build a data lake. A data lake collects and stores data across a wide variety of channels including social media, clickstream data, server logs, customer transactions and interactions, videos, and sensor data from equipment in the field. A data lake cost-effectively scales to collect and retain massive amounts of data over time, and convert all this data into actionable information that can transform your business.

Join Hortonworks and Informatica as we discuss:

• What is a data lake?

• The modern data architecture for a data lake

• How Hadoop fits into the modern data architecture

• Innovative use-cases for a data lake

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